GCL presents new products and XR solutions at LDI America 2023

Time:2023-12-03 Author:GCL

GCL is getting ready for 2023 America Las Vegas LID Exhibition

Time: 03st-06st, December, 2023

Address: Las Vegas Convention Center, West Hall

Booth Number: 1289


Outdoor fixed installation: Gmesh P8.3-10.4;

Inner arc main screen: Gmars P2.6

Virtual shooting scene screen: XR Gmars P2.6

All the products can be brought from LID, welcome to visit us at our booth!

The 2023 LDI exhibition opened in Las Vegas on December 3, local time.

At the exhibition site, Shenzhen GCL exhibited the new Gmars series, Gmesh series, and XR virtual shooting solution in cooperation with StYpe Company, which attracted the attention of many attendees, highlighting the brand connotation of GCL product innovation and close to the market.

New Gmars Rental screen rock the site

In the LED rental market, customers are paying more attention to the flexibility, customizability and high-quality picture quality of the combined installation of products. They pursue fast installation and disassembly, and have higher requirements for stability and reliability.

At this exhibition,GCL company's new Gmars series P2.6 display has brought a fresh feeling to the rental market, providing customers with more choices.

Gmars debuted LDI, preferably aluminum alloy panel, with beautiful appearance, thin and low power consumption; panel structure with fast lock, can be quickly installed; 500*500,500*1000mm there are two different panel size free collocation, optional concave and convex curve lock , the modular design allows users to flexibly build a variety of shapes of the display screen, to meet the diversity of stage design needs and various forms of activity construction. The Gmars series won unanimous praise from the professional audience at the exhibition, once again igniting the demand of the rental market.

New Gmesh items received positive reviews

GCL's flagship product Gmesh is re-innovated, and a new P8.3-10.4 point pitch product is opened. The product has the characteristics of lightweight, high brightness and high light transmission. Can spell right angles, arc of various shapes, thin, modular design,it can be used for stage rental or outdoor installation.It is the main best-selling products of GCL.

Virtual shooting schemes are popular

At this exhibition, GCL and StYpe company jointly presented XR Gmars series P2.6 virtual shooting solutions; The solution integrates real-time rendering technology, selects professional XR display screen, ultra-high refresh at 7680Hz, 16bit+ grayscale, high brightness and high color restoration to make the picture super-realistic, while equipped with intelligent photography tracking technology, to achieve accurate capture of objects and people in the real scene, so that virtual and reality are more integrated and realistic.

At this LDI exhibition, we saw the majority of users on GCL products and solutions, GCL will continue to force product innovation and technology research and development, for the LED display industry to provide more choices, inject more vitality!