• How does GCL provide aftersales service for the clients?

    1) First of all, we will provide free spare parts, about 2%.

    2) During the warranty, if there are any problems with our products, the clients can send the broken parts back, we will repair them for free, and send them back to the clients with the shipping cost covered by GCL.

    3) We can send engineers to the clients’ country to instruct the installation, or train their engineers, or maintain our products.

  • How long is the production time?
    Usually 12-15 working days.
  • What LEDs and IC does GCL use?

    Our standard LEDs are as follows:

    Indoor SMD0808/1010: Nationstar

    Indoor SMD1515/2121: Kinglight

    Outdoor 1921/3535: Nationstar

    Our standard IC : MBI5124/5153/5252

    Other brands can be used as well if required.

  • What control system does GCL usually use?
    Our standard control system is Novastar, we can also use other control systems if required.
  • Does GCL accept other payment terms besides T/T?
    Yes, we also accept LC, paypal, western union, etc.
  • How long is the warranty?
    Our standard warranty is 3 years. 5 years warranty can be offered with a little bit higher price.