GCL will showcase XR and glasses-free 3D solutions at the 2024 ISE exhibition in Spain.

Time:2024-01-30 Author:GCL

From January 29th to February 2nd, 2024, the LED display industry once again converged at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) exhibition in Spain, presenting a groundbreaking technological feast to exhibitors and attendees worldwide. The event attracted LED display manufacturers, suppliers,purchases, and industry experts from around the globe to collectively explore the latest advancements and future trends in LED display technology.

At this exhibition, Shenzhen GCL Electronics showcased XR2.6 to create a virtual reality immersive experience. Another scene featured outdoor Gpro P2.5 high-definition small-pitch flat naked-eye 3D, delivering stunning visual effects to the audience on-site.

Virtual shooting, immersive experience.

The Gmars XR2.6 series is an excellent XR display product known for its outstanding colour performance, high refresh rate, high contrast ratio, and the ability to showcase virtual scenes and images with rich detail. It ensures no flickering or colour distortion during XR shooting, providing photographers and production teams with a stable and reliable visual output. It offers exceptional visual effects for XR shooting. The product features an aluminium alloy panel that is aesthetically pleasing, slim, and energy-efficient. The housing structure comes with quick locks for easy installation. It offers two types of modular panels in sizes of 500*500mm and500*1000mm, with options for right-angle locks and curved locks. The modular design allows for flexible screen assembly, enabling custom configurations based on the actual site conditions to meet various special shooting requirements.

Naked-eye 3D Vision Impressive

The flat naked-eye 3D display solution created by Gpro P2.5 embodies the characteristics of outdoor naked-eye 3D; the product features a 640*960mm die-cast aluminium panel, 320*320mm intelligent module, supporting a range of pixel pitches from P2.5 to P16, compatible with both SMD and DIP LED beads, high brightness and energy efficiency, with a maximum brightness of 10000cd/㎡, and an average power consumption of 130-260W. The panel and modules have a dual IP65 waterproof rating, with the die-cast aluminium base providing self-cooling, fanless and air conditioning-free operation, ensuring greater energy efficiency. With dedicated seamless corners, it can be assembled into right angles and curves, suitable for outdoor naked-eye 3D and various advertising purposes.

The 2024 ISE exhibition in Spain is a significant event in the global LED display industry, bringing new vitality and opportunities, showcasing the industry's innovation and development potential. At the exhibition, GCL engaged in in-depth discussions with various cooperative clients, working together to contribute to the LED display industry and create a brighter future for the display sector.