GCL infocomm show 2023

Time:2023-06-19 Author:GCL

At the infocomm 2023 exhibition in the United States, Shenzhen GCL Electronics Co., Ltd. mainly created an XR virtual shooting application scene with Glegend series P2.6 pitch LED arc screen, which is compatible with professional tracking equipment to bring immersive XR virtual shooting experience to the audience. Glegend2.6XR is specially designed for XR virtual shooting LED display product with HD, high refresh rate, high gray level characteristics。Through GCL 's XR series application solutions, various props, characters, environments and other virtual resources can be simulated in real time to achieve different scenes, multi-dimensional space, and multi-style fusion creative shooting.

In response to the intelligent and convenient needs of the conference LED display market, GCL also exhibited a 108 inch P1.25 conference machine. Its design is sample, thin appearance, can integrate audio system, video system, centralized control system, it can provide HD, stable, interactive and convenient conference solutions.