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LED lighting products, the formulation of common

Updated:2013-09-22   Source:Shenzhen GCL Electronics Co.,LED  Clicks:

Olympic Games and World Expo will be much longer on its own major role in driving the growth of the market landscape lighting, more importantly, their role models. In order to meet the Olympic Games and World Expo, Beijing, Qingdao and Shanghai, will build a number of LED landscape lighting projects, these projects will also decorate the streets serve as a model. Other cities in that LED lighting in the landscape will reduce the outstanding performance of the use of the LED landscape lighting concerns, accelerate the use of LED lighting applications in the landscape. LED will rapidly from one city to the secondary and tertiary urban expansion.

Application VI: general lighting market road is long, long way to go. For access to general lighting market, power white light LED in addition face, such as low efficiency, poor heat dissipation, high cost and other issues, will face to the optical, electronic control and other institutions and the integration of LED lighting products and the formulation of common standards . Address these problems require a long period of time, CCID Consulting is expected to LED 2010 can not enter the general lighting market.