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LED light bulb sales surge in Japan

Updated:2013-09-22   Source:Shenzhen GCL Electronics Co.,LED  Clicks:

OF week semiconductor lighting network: According to the Nikkei News reported that Japan's 311 earthquake in Japan to enhance awareness of energy conservation in recent months showed sales in Japan jumped LED bulbs trend, according to GfK Japan Japan sinks the whole point of sale about 4,000 home appliance The sales data show, 23-29 May 2011 LED bulbs week sales in Japan jumped to 2.9 times last year, the proportion of the total light bulb sales have risen 42.3% in Jan, for the first time beyond the incandescent (39% ).

GfK also said that since August 2010 after the Japanese sales accounted for LED bulbs have been stuck at around 20% level, only after the 311 earthquake, Japanese consumers energy-saving awareness is high, accounting for driving LED bulbs in the past two month inflation more than doubled, has become the protagonist of bulb sales.

According to GfK, said May sales on the proportion of view, LED bulbs to 37.2%, 43%, though still inferior to incandescent lamps, LED bulbs, but the proportion from the present growth trend by week, estimated that the lighting in Japan in June LED bulbs on the market is expected to exceed the proportion of the incandescent bulbs. GfK also pointed out that because Japan will continue to increase demand for LED bulbs, LED bulbs are expected this summer in the Japanese lighting market share of more than 50%.