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Description: China LED lighting chain, industry st

Updated:2013-09-22   Source:Shenzhen GCL Electronics Co.,LED  Clicks:

Description: China LED lighting chain, industry st

LED threshold of the whole industry chain is gradually decreased year after year. Single crystal for the chip and the upper reaches, middle reaches of the LED chip processing, and downstream packaging and testing and application. With upstream and midstream industries: international competition, most commercial risks, the most scientific and technological content and great financial support and so on. In the entire chain, the upstream extension of LED chips and the chip industry occupies 70% of the profits of the entire industry, the package occupies 10% -20%, LED applications accounted for 10% -20%.

LED is a light energy into electrical energy to the semiconductor, may issue a visible and infrared, ultraviolet, which are not visible. Compared to the light bulb, LED use of low operating voltage and operating current, high stability, long life, easy to adjust and so on.

In the global energy crisis, energy saving, environmental protection, small is becoming the focus of the larger environment, with a long life, rich color and other characteristics of the LED semiconductor lighting technology, is being widely adopted as the main way to conserve energy. Achieve the same effect in the lighting conditions, the semiconductor lamp uses LED as the new light source, energy consumption compared to traditional incandescent lamp 1 / 10, life is 100 times greater than conventional incandescent lamp. The global LED industry in Japan, Taiwan, Europe, America, Korea, mainland China has different levels of penetration. A 50% share in Japan, the Executive become the leader of the global LED industry.

Description: China LED lighting chain, industry structure and trends