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Reveal the Mystic Nation LED Elements of Milan Expo

    2015 Milan Expo, opening on May 1st,2015, the excellent performance China LED elements, greatly interpretate the theme “nourish the Earth, source of life.” Besides, in the design of the pavilions from other countries, China LED also go with an excellent performance.

    Turkmenistan, a Chinese "along the way" last mysteries of the Silk Road in Central Asia, is rich in resources.The blood BMW and Persian rug comes from Turkmenistan. Most domestic ethnic diversity were yellow. Which all means Turkmenistan and China have a similar history for a very long time.

    The World Expo, after the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Turkmenistan presented "water is life" , the design of Pavilion with dazzling LED large screen show traditional and modern Turkmenistan elements.

    At the entrance of the Pavilion,the blood BMW, the best horse in the world, sign the logo of "akhal--tiji horse". Set up a traditional Yurt at the main entrance , using traditional of wooden structure and a large beautiful LED carpet (GCL LED Curtain),which certainly attracts the audience’s attention.

    In the exhibition hall, a huge handmade carpet ,water projection reflects the quality of food production in Turkmenistan, biodiversity and health topic. In the same time , modern elements such as LED ball, also display in the Pavilion (made by GCL), it has 5D cinemas. Besides , there are entity yurts, restaurants and cafes in the Pavilion,where you can taste the authentic traditional cuisine of Turkmenistan.

    The LED carpet and waterfall in Turkmenistan pavilion were made by GCL, using outdoor SMD LED Curtain,300㎡ in total area, LED water identified took in outdoor HD specifications, meanwhile , in the Pavilion, the giant LED ball screen is up to 2.5 m in diameter,which is also a excellent artwork of GCL!

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