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T8 LED Tube Light


Beam Angle: 160°
Material: Aluminum housing + PC cover
LED Base: G13 / Fa8s Pins / R17d

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T8 LED Tube Light:

          1. Using imported chip, independent encapsulation.

·         2. Adopt high quality power supply, high power factor.

·         3. Unique secondary optical PC cover, light transmittance over 90%, the light is more soft.

·         4. Light-decay" within 3000 hours, Life Span is 40000 hours.

·         5. Lamp holder plug as a "solid metal" wires, high pressure resistance, quality reliable, and is not easy to damage or deformation.

·         6. Safety: the lamp body USES the Aluminum alloy material, high strength PC lampshade, strong, encounter drop will not be damaged, can be at ease use.

·         7. Convenient installation: the lamp body size and the lamp holder model in line with international standards, it has good compatibility with the traditional fluorescent tube.

·         8. Energy conservation and environmental protection: compared to traditional lighting energy saving more than 80%. No heavy metals such as mercury, chromium, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, harmless to the human body.

·         9. Stable performance: built-in high-performance constant-current power supply, start quickly, no stroboscopic, protect eyesight. The traditional fluorescent lamp is using an alternating current, so each S clock frequency will produce 100-120 times, but the LED fluorescent lamp adopts constant current work (convert alternating current (AC) directly to DC, effectively reduce the LED light failure.) And LED the start time is only a few Second, there is no restart the wait time, in the continuous on/off state can still work normally.

·         10. No noise: The LED lamps does not produce noise, for the place of using precision electronic instruments for the good choice, suitable for places such as library, office.

          11. Eye protection: the traditional fluorescent lamp is using an alternating current, so each Second clock can produce 100-120 times of stroboscopic, but the LED Tube light adopts constant current work (convert alternating current (AC) directly to direct current), effectively reduce the LED light failure, start quickly, flicker-free, protect your eyes.

·         12. Voltage: traditional fluorescent lamp is lit by the release of the high voltage rectifier, cannot light up when the voltage reduction. And the LED lamps and lanterns can light within a range of voltage.

·         13. Strong, good commonality: LED lamp body itself is used rather than the traditional glass epoxy resin, more solid, even smashed on the floor and the LED will not damage easily, it is safe to use.

·         14. The shape and size of LED Tube Light is the same as traditional fluorescent lamp, can replace traditional lamps and lanterns.

·         15. 55℃ Safe and stable quality, low calorific value, can work at low temperature - 30 ℃, high temperature of 55 ℃.

1 shopping malls;
2 office buildings;
3 corridor;
4 factory;
5 supermarket;
6 home lighting, etc.

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