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P6.25 Outdoor Rental Led Moving Display


Outdoor Rental LED Display is widely used in the field: outdoor advertising, outdoor shows, exhibition, stage, commercial use etc.

    P6.25 Outdoor Rental Led Moving Display

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Whole Front Maintenance


        ★ Front maintenance within 5 seconds.

        ★ Including                                  modules,power supply,receiving cards,cables.

        Watch the Front Maintenance tv  


Ultra-slim and ultra-light

         ★ 8.5KG/pcs

         ★ 75mm deep

         ★ 500mm*500mm size 




Fast and precise assembling



          ★ Intergrating locking mechanism

          ★ Quick installation

          ★ Fast connector

          ★ No Cables between modules an HUB plate

High precision with seamless splicing 

               ★ Die-casting AL cabinets, high precision with seamless splicing

Two Different Sizes,two choices 

 500mm*500mm                          500mm*1000mm 

Concave and convex radian design

          ★ Concave and convex radian design

          ★ -5,-2.5,+2.5,+5,+7.5,+10 degree adjustable

High Contrast and wide viewing angle 

            ★ Black face SMD

            ★ Black Mask

            ★ High contrast:5000:1

            ★ SMD 3528 / SMD3528(Nation Star package)

            ★ Large viewing angle:120 degree

 High gray scale, High refresh

            ★ High gray scale:     65536 Grades

            ★ High refresh rate: 2880Hz

            ★ MBI 5153/5252 inside

            ★ High grey scale under low brightness


★ Silent, no cooling fans

No cross,no ghost,no caterpillar

Real-time Error Detection


       ★ It can detect each LED whether is open state or not without additional external originals


P6.25 Outdoor Rental Led Moving Display

Pixel Pitch(㎜)6.25
Pixel Density(pixel/㎡)25600
Pixel Component1R1G1B
LED ConfigurationSMD3535
Panel Dimension(W×H)㎜250*250
Scan Mode1/5
Cabinet Dimension(W×H)㎜500*500
Cabinet MaterialDie-casting   Aluminum
Color Temperature3200K-9500K
Viewing Angle(V)140°
Viewing Angle(H) 140°
Contrast Ratio3000:1
Max Power Consumption(w/㎡)≤1000
Ave Power Consumption(w/㎡)≤400
Operating Power SourceAC85~264V(47-63Hz)
Frame Frequency(Frame/S)60 
Refresh Rate(Hz)≥1920
Gray LevelRGB65536Grade
Brightness Adjustment Level256Grade
Brightness Adjustment ModeManual/Automatic/Programmable

Operating Temp﹣20℃-﹢50℃
Operating Humidity10%-90%RH
Protecting RatingIP65
LED Life Span>100000h
LED Best View distance5m-150m


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